Thermal Imging

Thermal Imaging

See Heat Loss and Reduce it

infrared thermal imaging
thermal imaging
The thermal imaging photo clearly shows the property on the right has poor insulation.

Infrared Thermal imaging is an exciting new technology that can actually see heat loss from buildings. The practice is know as thermography and thermal imaging surveyors scan property to see where thermal radiation ( Heat Loss ) is occurring.

These are the following problems that we are able to detect and highlight during a building survey which would be conducted externally and internally:

  • Air leakage / heat escape from the building.
  • Thermal bridging , places where heat conducts through solid materials .
  • Missing, discontinuous or wet insulation (cavity walls & loft).
  • Air infiltration ( draughts ).
  • Damp.

You can use this visual information to see where your property is losing heat from and combat problem areas direct. A thermal imaging survey of your home can save you £1000's in the long run as you will be able to see the weak areas that need attention.

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Thermal Imaging is proberly the best way to find where your property is losing heat and energy, a thermal heat loss survey will let you clearly see where the heat is escaping from, having this information will save you lots of money when dealing with the problem and not wasting money on products and services you don't need.

Thermal Imaging