Insulating Paints

Insulating Paints

Insulating Paint
Insulating Energy Saving Paint has unique insulating properties, which will help to reduce heat loss through your walls and ceilings. The insulating properties within Insulating Paint will form a thermal barrier reflecting heat back into your room/building, considerably reducing heat loss. It will help increase room temperature, and keep the room warmer for longer.

insulating paints

How Does Insulating Paint Work?
Insulating paintis made up of a microscopic hollow ball structures. once mixed in the paint these hollow balls form a thermal barrier or thermal break, this small thin layer or material causes the walls or ceilings ability to absorb heat from the room. So the heat is reflected BACK into the room and away from the surface due to the thermal barrier that has been formed.

Insulating paints is not a replacment for cavity wall or loft insulation systems, they are an added plus to help reduce heat loss.

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Insulating Paints...

Use insulating paint to start saving energy and reducing heat loss from your home. Test after test shows that ThermoAdd insulation paint do save energy and reduce heat loss.

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