Floor Insulation

Reducing heat loss throught the floor

You can lose upto 14% in heat loss in an un-insulated floor but this in some cases of suspended floors this can be a lot more, this is because you can suffer excessive air infiltration through and between the floorboards.

floor insulation
Air infiltration between floorboards

Like cavity wall insulation, by installing floor insulation will help to reduce your heat loss by 14% or more. This method is a must for all keen energy savers.

Reducing heat loss through a solid floor may be more costly if you are wanting to retain the look of an old stone floor, you may have to lift your stone floor to dig out the space needed to fit the insulating barrier and underfloor heating system in requested.

If you're not to concerned about retaining your solid floor you may be able to just lay a new insulating floor over the old floor but this will raise the floor level reducing head room.

Reducing heat loss through a suspended may be done by lifting the floorboard and fitting thick foam insulation panels between the floor joists, making sure that gaps are sealed to make an airtight barrier, you can use spray foam to seal small gaps.

If you have a large enough crawl space under the house you can also use spray foam on the underside of the floorboards. I would recommend you use a contactor with this method.

If you have the headroom, fitting of a hard foam insulation panel over the old floor may be a cheaper option.

Remember that the void of the ground floor must be vented to prevent moisture buildup and damage.

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