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Envirox Diesel Fuel Additive

nano-additive™ fuel efficiency additive is a scientifically and commercially proven diesel fuel combustion catalyst which reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and other harmful exhaust emissions.

These benefits are achieved by using a nano tech catalyst technology based on cerium oxide, a well-known industrial oxidation catalyst, which is already used within the automotive sector in petrol and diesel vehicle threeway catalytic converters.

nano-additive™ is delivered into the combustion chamber pre-mixed with the fuel and delivers benefits in the following ways:

• nano-additive™ improves the way fuel burns so that it delivers more useful work with every piston stroke, translating into improved fuel economy

• nano-additive™ delivers environmental benefits by reducing emissions released by diesel engines, including CO2, unburned hydrocarbon and particulates

• nano-additive™ helps burn away deposits from the inside of the engine - a cleaner engine is a more fuel efficient engine

No engine modifications are required to use the product, it has no negative impact on lubricant performance, and the dose rate of the additive is extremely low at just 5-10 parts per million of cerium oxide in the fuel.

If you would like further information, or want to make an appointment to discuss using nano-additive™ in your fleet, please feel free to contact us.

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Why use nano-additive™...

Test after test shows that nano-additive™ works, not only does nano-additive™ cut CO2 emissions it also saves fuel and saving fuel means saving money. That's why the UK largest bus operator Stagecoach uses nano-additive™ in their entire fleet of over 7,000 buses and coaches.

envirox diesel fuel additive as used by stagecoach bus uk