Reduce Heat Loss

How to start reducing heat loss from your home

Welcome to Reduce Heat Loss, we are dedicated in providing free information on how to start to reducing your heat loss from your domestic home or commercial property.
Typical heat loss through an un-insulated home

How to reduce heat loss from your home

We will look at efficant cost effectivew ways to help you reduce your heat loss and C02 emmissions, so you can start saving money and the enviroment.

Heat can be lost from your home through the walls, windows, roof and floor. It can also escape through draughts around doors and windows. Heat can also be wasted within the building, for example by warm air rising in a room with a high ceiling.

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Thermal Imaging is proberly the best way to find where your property is losing heat and energy, a thermal heat loss survey will let you clearly see where the heat is escaping from, having this information will save you lots of money when dealing with the problem and not wasting money on products and services you don't need.

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